2017 Dennis Wheatley Anniversary Convention Participant’s Quiz
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(1) What is the 3rd word on the 13th line of the 17th page of the first edition of “The Devil Rides Out” ?

'girl' - Tanith, as it happens

(2) What was the name of the inn run by the Blanchards that Roger Brook stayed at when he was residing in Paris ?

La Belle Etoile

(3) Which Character is an acquaintance of both Gregory Sallust and the Duke de Reichleau

Sir Pellinore Gwain Cust

(4) What was Gregory Sallust’s address (street and number) ?

272 Gloucester Road

(5) The DW novel “Uncharted Seas” was made into a 1968 feature film by Hammer / Warner-Pathé Productions. What was the title of the film ?

The Lost Continent

(6) What was the name of the hero in the book “Star of Ill-Omen” ?

“Kem” (Kempton) Lincoln

(7) What is the name of Molly Fountain's son ?


(8) Name the 6 novels by Dennis Wheatley that have been made into films ?

The Forbidden Territory, The Eunuch of Stamboul, The Devil Rides Out, Unchartered Seas, To the Devil....a Daughter, The Haunting of Toby Jugg

(9) With what deadly weapon does the Duke de Reichleau kill the murderous Kommissar Leshkin at the end of “The Forbidden Territory” ?

A glass of water.

(10) What was the Christian name of DW’s first wife ?


(11) Which book starts with a dinner attended by the Duke and Sir Pellinore Gwain Cust ?

Strange Conflict

(12) Something happens in the first 5 minutes of the film version of “Uncharted Seas”, which will please many DW fans. What ?

Nigel Stock’s character, Dr Webster, is reading an Arrow edition of “Uncharted Seas”.

(13) Name the main adversary of Julian Day in “The Quest of Julian Day” ?


(14) When did the Duke first make contact with the Van Ryn family ?

When he was rescued by Rex's father whilst being taken to Devil's Island.

(15) In the film “The Devil Rides Out”, what was Tanith’s surname ?

(Tanith) Carlisle

(16) What was the real-life inspiration for Weylands School in “The Haunting of Toby Jugg” ?

Dartington Hall School (near Totnes)

(17) The novel's denouement takes place in a subterranean chamber in the south of France - The Cave of the...?


(18) Dennis Wheatley is credited as a script-writer for a film not based on one of his books. What is the name of the film ?

An Englishman's Home

(19) With what deadly weapon does the Duke de Richleau save his friends at the end of “Dangerous Inheritance”, and of what is it made ?

A “bomb” made up from a hairbrush, a bar of soap and a pencil).

(20) DW’s second wife Joan was the author of a number of romantic novels. What name did she write under ?

Eve Chaucer

(21) In which city does “Forbidden Territory” end ?


(22) Who did Mary Lou recognise as being the Duke's daughter ?

Lucretia-Jose - The Golden Spaniard

(23) To where does Julian Day 'winter' when he is forced to resign from the Diplomatic Core ?


(24) DW fought in the First World War and was gassed in a chlorine attack at what infamous battle ?


(25) What is the name of the character played by Richard Widmark in the film “To the Devil a Daughter” ?

John Verney

(26) At the end of “Vendetta in Spain”, how does the Duke seek to finish his duel with the Conde de Cordoba

He deliberately fires high - about a foot above the Conde's head, giving the Conde the opportunity to fire himself and polish the Duke off – Charles’ words not DWs.

(27) Which of the DW/Joe Links crime dossiers contains a photograph of DW playing one of the characters, together with other members of the family ?

“Herewith the Clues”, the fourth and last in the series.

(28) What is the name of the script-writer of the DW film The Devil Rides Out (a famous author) who received a letter from DW thanking him for sticking “as far as film technique permitted, to the story” ?

Richard Matheson

(29) Which actress plays Peggy Eaton in the film version of “The Devil Rides Out”

Roslyn Landor

(30) What did DW have on the ceiling of his toilet at Grove Place ?

Gold Paper Stars

(31) When on the trail of Canon Copley-Syle, Johnny and CB (Catherine Beddows) book rooms and order dinner at a pub in Colchester? What is the name of the pub ?

The Red Lion

(32) What is the name of the character played by Denholm Elliott in the film “To the Devil a Daughter” ?

Henry Beddows

(33) The Satanist Henry Beddow's attic lair is guarded by an animal. Which animal is it ?

An ape. A big ape; not as large as a baboon, but quite big enough to maul a man and do him serious injury.

(34) How many times was the Duke de Richleau married ?

Twice. First to Angela, whom he meets in “The Prisoner in the Mask” and to whom he is married at the beginning of “Vendetta in Spain”; and secondly to Her Imperial Highness the Archduchess Ilona Theresa, at the end of “The Second Seal”. If anything can correct me and point to a third marriage, it will be my greatest pleasure to buy them a congratulatory bottle of champagne.

(35) Rosalyn Landor plays Richard and Marie Eaton's daughter Peggy in the film The Devil Rides Out - what is their daughters' name in the original novel ?


(36) Which evil character pittted his wits against Barney Sullivan in “The Satanist” ?


(37) What are the names of the three board games which DW invented ?

Invasion (1938), Blockade (1939), and Alibi (1953).

(38) Who was the first and everlasting love of Roger Brook ?

Georgina Thursby

(39) DW was renowned throughout his writing career for a particular personal touch. What was it ?

Signing copies of his books.

(40) Who wrote the book “Churchill's Storyteller” ?

Craig Cabell

(41) The book “Uncharted Seas” was filmed as the film production “The Lost Continent”. However, several of the character’s names were changed between the book and the film. In the film, Suzanna Leigh played the part of “Unity Webster”, and Nigel Stock played her father “Dr Webster”. But what was their surname in the book ?

Unity Carden & Colonel Carden

(42) What was the name of Molly's first husband ?

Archie. (no marks for answering “Mr Fountain”).

(43) Under what circumstances does the Duke de Richleau first meet Sir Pellinore Gwaine-Cust ?

A youthful Duke kisses the young Archduchess Ilona Theresa full on the lips at a masked ball in April 1914, unaware of who she is, at the start of “The Second Seal”. Winston Churchill and Sir Pellinore help extricate him from the potentially enormous diplomatic scandal.

(44) Who was Gregory Sallust’s landlord and former batman ?


(45) What was DW's first choice of song when he appeared on "Desert Island Discs" ?

The Man who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo.

(46) Hammer commissioned a script for another Dennis Wheatley novel that was written but not made into a film - but a play of the same novel was staged in the 1980s. What is that novel ?

The Satanist

(47) Which DW novel has the longest title (character count, including spaces) ?

The Island Where Time Stands Still

(48) In “The Devil Rides Out”, what is Mocata’s first name ?

(Canon) Damien Mocata

(49) What emblem does Erica von Epp secretly hide at the top of her stocking ?

A Reverse Swastika

(50) Which school did Roger Brook attend?

Sherborne School, Dorset.

(51) What was the last title in the Roger Brook series ?

“Desperate Measures”

(52) In which book do we meet an actress by the name of “Avril Bamborough” ?

“Such Power is Dangerous”

(53) We all know the Duke de Richleau’s three friends. But what were their full names ?
S.N. Aron
R.M. Van Ryn
R.E. Eaton

Simon Nathaniel Aron
Rex Macintosh Van Ryn
Richard Elmsdale Eaton

(54) The first sentence of “Three Inquisitive People” describes Rex Van Ryn arriving at the Duke de Richleau’s (sp.) Club. What was the name of the Club ?

The Mausoleum Club (Note the spelling of the Duke’s name as “Richleau” in this book)

(55) In “The Devil Rides Out”, an old gypsy woman appears to Tanith, who had known her as a child and taught her many things, including the Tarot. What was the old woman’s name ?


(56) Where are DWs ashes interred ?

Brookwood Cemetery.

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