Title (with period of plot, where appropriate) Year first published Publisher
(if not Hutchinson)
Black Magic Is Still a Menace 13 Aug 1935 Daily Mail  
Where is Atlantis ? 7th January 1936 Daily Mail Published the day before the serialisation of ‘They Found Atlantis’
Black Magic To-Day 10 Oct 1936 Daily Mail  
We Don't Eat Enough At Christmas! 17 Dec 1937 Daily Mail  
Men, Women and Books 1936? - 1939 Current Literature  
Crime As A Science 1938 Evening Dispatch
Crime As A Science May 1938 Parade Magazine (condensed version)
Voroshilov And His Campaigns Jun 1938 The Lecture Recorder  
Is There A Lost Continent ? Nov 1938 Prediction Magazine  
Personality Page 22 Jan 1939 -
16 Apr 1939
Sunday Graphic (ran for 3 months)
The Most Popular Unsolved Mystery Of All Time 4 Jun 1939 Sunday Dispatch (the Shakespeare/Bacon controversy)
‘KLIM’ won’t surrender 11 Sep 1941 Daily Mail  
Have you read these yet? 29 Mar 1944 Daily Mail  
Servant problem solved? 13 Apr 1944 Daily Mail In 'Letters of the Week'
Paula 23 Sep 1946 - 23 Nov 1946 Daily Express (Cartoon strip)
Double Dyed July/Dec 1952 National and English Review  
The Novelist's Task 18 Sep 1953 Journal of the Royal Society of Arts  
The Power Of Voodoo 15 Oct 1959 John O'London's Book Review
A Nation in a Frenzy 6 Oct 1960 John O'London's Book Review
The Trials of Satan 16 Mar 1961 John O'London's Book Review
County Talk November 1961 Hampshire- The County Magazine  
Recipes for Canard Montmorency & Moselle Bola 1961 Celebrity Booking for You by Renee Hellman  
The Hard Road to Success 2 Aug 1962 John O'London's  
The Hampshire Profile October 1962 Hampshire- The County Magazine by Honoria Marsh
The Black Art And The Supernatural March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
The Black Mass March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
The Devil's Secret Societies March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
Foretelling The Future March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
Voodoo March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
White And Black Magic March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
The Witches' Sabbath March 1963 Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts  
Long Hours for Dennis Wheatley 6 Feb 1964 John O'London's Time & Tide  
The danger in black magic 17 Mar 1969 Daily Mail In ‘Letters’
The Way to Maintain Success Oct 1969 The Writer  
Recipe for an hors d’oeuvre called a Mansion House Cocktail 1969 Barnado’s Celebrity Cook Book ed & Compiled by Lady Appleton  
The Black Art And The Supernatural 1974 Satanism And Witches (Library of the Occult, Vol.21)
The Black Mass 1974 Satanism And Witches (Library of the Occult, Vol.21)
The Devil's Secret Societies 1974 Satanism And Witches (Library of the Occult, Vol.21)
Foretelling The Future 1974 Satanism And Witches (Library of the Occult, Vol.21)
White And Black Magic 1974 Satanism And Witches (Library of the Occult, Vol.21)
The Witches' Sabbath 1974 Satanism And Witches (Library of the Occult, Vol.21)
It Was Fun being a Wine Merchant Feb 1975 The Journal of the International Wine & Food Society  
Dabbling With The Devil: The Real Danger 27 Mar 1975 Daily Express DW talking to Peter Grosvenor
Deception in World War II September 1976 Journal of the Royal United Services Institute  
Nothing Ever Happens unpublished    
Pills Of Honour unpublished   Written 1934. A pacifist piece condemning international treaties.


A Night of Rare Wines and Brandy 25 Feb 1937 Daily Mail by E.H Tattershall
Preview of the Season’s Debs 3 Mar 1937 Daily Mail by E.H Tattershall
Dennis Wheatley, Hampshire’s famous author Spring 1950 Hampshire Countryside by John Woodiwiss
The Prince of Thriller Writers Nov-Dec1950 Colophon by John Runter
Mr. Wheatley Keeps The Werewolf From The Door 11 Oct 1956 Evening Standard by Philip Oakes
You Will Be Famous Said The Seer 7 Dec 1956 Daily Mirror by Keith Waterhouse
Grove Place, Lymington, Mrs & Mrs Dennis Wheatley’s beautiful Hampshire home September 1957 Homes & Gardens by Phyllis Buchanan
Wheatley’s 19 war thrillers were TOP SECRET 16 Nov 1957 Daily Mail by Kenneth Allsop
A £250,000 Jubilee For Mr Wheatley 31 Aug 1958 Sunday Dispatch by James Reid
Here’s A Thriller That Just Couldn’t Be True 25 Jan 1959 Sunday Dispatch  
The War Secrets Of Dennis Wheatley 2-6 Feb 1959 Evening News by Felix Barker (in five parts)
Thriller King Became Undercover Man 28 Oct 1960 Reynold's Weekly  
There's Gold In That Old Black Magic 20 Jan 1963 Sunday Chronicle by Alan Forrest
Frankly Full Blooded Sep 1963 Books and Bookmen, London by Anthony Lejeune
Wheatley Reaches His Half Century 3 Sep 1964 Daily Sketch  
What Part Did Black Magic Play In Winning The War? 4 Oct 1964 Sunday Express by Robert Pitman
Dennis Wheatley : A Profile Nov 1964 Criminology by John Dickson
Wheatley... A Character Only Wheatley Could Have Created 17 Jun 1966 Scottish
Daily Mail
by Dorothy Young
It's A Nice World 11 Aug 1966 Reynold's Weekly by Christine Garbutt
The Man Who Can't Help Hitting The Jackpot 30 Aug 1966 Daily Mail by Martin Fox
Nike joins in horror by candlelight 8 Aug 1967 Daily Mail  
Thriller Prince – Author of the Month 10 Aug 1967 Books and Paperbacks  
The Weird and Wonderful Wheatley World April 1968 ABC Film Review  
Dennis Wheatley Inside The Pentacle with Tim Stout 13 Jan 1969 Supernatural magazine by Tim Stout
The Murder Dossiers Of Dennis Wheatley And J.G. Links 12 Mar 1969 London Magazine by Reg Gadney
Jackie swots for black magic O level 12 Mar 1969 Daily Mail by Brian Dixon
Pooter 9 Aug 1969 The Times
Saturday Review
by Pooter
Who Is The Man In The Mask? 1 Feb 1970 Sunday Mirror by Quentin Crewe
Mr Wheatley is alive, and nothing like Hughie Green 8 Feb 1970 Sunday Mirror by Quentin Crewe
That Old Black Magic Makes Money For Wheatley 16 Aug 1970 Sunday Express by Graham Lord
Dennis Wheatley’s Private Army 3 Sep 1970 Collectors Weekly by Brendan Hennessy
Dennis Wheatley : A Man of Magic April 1971 Club Magazine for Men
What’s the Secret of a Magic Touch 30 Oct 1971 Saturday Titbits by Tisha Browne
Beast put death curse on me says detective 30 Nov 1971 Daily Mail  
Suddenly The Devil Is The New Thing 30 Nov 1971 Evening Standard by Nina Bawden
The Secret Life Of Dennis Wheatley 15 Mar 1973 Titbits magazine by Tony Wilmot
(contains DW’s favourite quotation) 1976 Dear John by John Pollock
(contains a review of ‘Dear John’ including DW’s favourite quote) 20 May 1976 Titbits magazine
The “Wheatley” Movies 1977 Devil Movies
(a Photoplay OCCULT special)
by P.W.
Meet... Dennis Wheatley 9 Jan 1977 The Observer by John Walker
A Ghost Mr Wheatley Met On The Stairs 9 Jan 1977 Sunday Express by Graham Lord
Scion of ‘Ready Money Wheatley’ 10 Jan 1977 The Times by Ray Gosling
That Satan Feeling 12 Jan 1977 The Guardian by Raymond Gardner
Obituary 12 Nov 1977 Daily Mail  
The Dean Of The Occult 12 Nov 1977 The Guardian by Alex Hamilton
Obituary 12 Nov 1977 The Times  
Wheatley: A Trump Card Every Time 20 May 1979 Sunday Telegraph by Francis King
Would You Make A Good Murder Detective? 28 Mar 1982 Sunday Express by Graham Lord
(containing a lot of references to DW) 1984 The Man Who Was M: The Life of Maxwell Knight by Anthony Masters
Dennis Wheatley : Master of Mystery (chapter 7) (link to article) 1985 The Ghost Hunters by Peter Underwood
I Was Dennis Wheatley's Batman Oct/Nov 1986 Focus by Stan Nicholls
Dennis Wheatley: The Would-Be Spy (chapter 10) 1987 Literary Agents: The Novelist as Spy by Anthony Masters
The Black Magic Books of Dennis Wheatley Sep 1988 Book and Magazine Collector by David Thomas
Solo Adventures Jan 1989 G.M. magazine by Paul Boughton
Whatever Happened to Dennis Wheatley? (link to article) Jan/Feb 1991 Million by Stan Nicholls
Separating The Chaff From The Wheatley Mar 1991 Fear magazine by John Gilbert
Historical & Adventure Novels of Dennis Wheatley Feb 1994 Book and Magazine Collector by Mike Stotter
Wheatley: The Final Chapter 17 Mar 1996 Sunday Times by Ian Sayer and Douglas Botting
Those Modern Musketeers : The Devil Rides Out (Chapter 12) (link to chapter) Sep 2000 The Cult Films of Christopher Lee by Jonathan Sothcott
Mysteries of the Occult : To the Devil... a Daughter (Chapter 26) (link to chapter) Sep 2000 The Cult Films of Christopher Lee by Jonathan Sothcott
Master Of The Macabre Oct 2001 Thriller UK magazine by Terry Fountain
Behind The Screams: Dennis Wheatley 2002 Bite Me magazine by Jonathan Sothcott
Dennis and all his Works Dec 2009 Fortean Times by Phil Baker


A Century Of Horror Stories [Oct 1935]    
A Century Of Spy Stories [Jun 1938]    
Quiver Of Horror [Jul] 1964   Tales Of Strange Happenings, selected by DW from 'A Century Of Horror Stories'
Shafts Of Fear [Jul] 1964   Tales Of Strange Doings, selected by DW from 'A Century Of Horror Stories'
Dennis Wheatley's First Book Of Horror Stories [Mar] 1968   Tales Of Strange Happenings. Hardback version of 'Shafts Of Fear'.
Dennis Wheatley's Second Book Of Horror Stories [Aug] 1968   Tales Of Strange Doings: by Evelyn Waugh & Others. Hardback version of 'Quiver Of Horror'.
Dennis Wheatley's LIBRARY OF THE OCCULT top
Dracula (Vol.1) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Bram Stoker
1975? White Lion (hbk)
The Werewolf Of Paris (Vol.2) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Guy Endore
1975? White Lion (hbk)
Moonchild (Vol.3) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Aleister Crowley
1975? White Lion (hbk)
Studies In Occultism (Vol.4) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
[Nov] 1975 White Lion (hbk)
Carnacki The Ghost-Finder (Vol.5) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by William Hope Hodgson
[Jun] 1975 White Lion (hbk)
The Sorcery Club (Vol.6) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Elliott O'Donnell
1975? White Lion (hbk)
Harry Price: The Biography Of A Ghost Hunter (Vol.7) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Paul Tabori
The Witch Of Prague (Vol.8) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by F. Marion Crawford
[Mar] 1976 White Lion (hbk)
Uncanny Tales 1 (Vol.9) 1974 Sphere (pbk) selected by Dennis Wheatley
[Aug] 1975 White Lion (hbk)
The Prisoner In The Opal (Vol.10) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by A.E.W. Mason
The Devil's Mistress (Vol.11) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by John William Brodie-lnnes
You And Your Hand (Vol.12) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Cheiro – new edition revised by Louise Owen
Black Magic: A Tale Of The Rise And Fall Of The Antichrist (Vol.13) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Marjorie Bowen
Real Magic (Vol.14) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Philip Bonewits
Faust, Parts 1 and 2 (Vol.15) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated by Bayard Taylor
Uncanny Tales 2 (Vol.16) 1974 Sphere (pbk) selected by Dennis Wheatley (includes 'A Life For A Life')
The Gap In The Curtain (Vol.17) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by John Buchan
The Interpretation Of Dreams (Vol.18) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Zolar
Voodoo (Vol.19) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Alfred Métraux, translated from the French by Hugo Charteris. 2nd English Edition with new introduction by Sidney W. Mintz.
The Necromancers (Vol.20) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Robert Hugh Benson
Satanism And Witches: Essays And Stories (Vol.21) 1974 Sphere (pbk) selected by Dennis Wheatley, (includes six articles by DW: White And Black Magic, The Black Art And The Supernatural, The Witches' Sabbath, The Black Mass, The Devil's Secret Societies, Foretelling The Future
The Winged Pharaoh (Vol.22) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Joan Grant
Down There (Vol.23) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by J.K. Huysmans translated from the French by Keene Wallace.
The Monk (Vol.24) 1974 Sphere (pbk) by Matthew Lewis
Boxed Gift Pack (Vols.19-24) 1974 Sphere (pbk)  
Horror At Fontenay (Vol.25) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Alexandre Dumas translated and adapted by Alan Hull Walton
[Oct] 1975 White Lion (hbk)
The Hell-Fire Club: The Story Of The Amorous Knights Of Wycombe (Vol.26) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Donald McCormick
The Mighty Atom (Vol.27) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Marie Corelli
The Affair Of The Poisons (Vol.28) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Frances Mossiker
The Witch And The Priest (Vol.29) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Hilda Lewis
Death By Enchantment. An Examination Of Ancient And Modern Witchcraft (Vol.30) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Julian Franklyn
Fortune Telling By Cards (Vol.31) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Ida B. Prangley
Dark Ways To Death (Vol.32) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Peter Saxon
The Ghost Pirates (Vol.33) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by William Hope Hodgson
The Phantom Of The Opera (Vol.34) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Gaston Leroux
The Greater Trumps (Vol.35) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Charles Williams
The Return Of The Magi (Vol.36) 1975 Sphere (pbk) by Maurice Magre, translated from the French by Reginald Merton
Uncanny Tales 3 (Vol.37) 1975 Sphere (pbk) selected by Dennis Wheatley (includes 'The Snake')
The King Is A Witch (Vol.38) 1976 Sphere (pbk) by Evelyn Eaton
Frankenstein (Vol.39) 1976 Sphere (pbk) by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
The Curse Of The Wise Woman (Vol.40) 1976 Sphere (pbk) by Baron Edward Plunkett Dunsany
Brood Of The Witch Queen (Vol.41) 1976 Sphere (pbk) by Sax Rohmer
Brazilian Magic: Is It The Answer? (Vol.42) 1976 Sphere (pbk) by Pedro McGregor, in association with T. Stratton Smith
Darker Than You Think (Vol.43) 1976 Sphere (pbk) By Jack Williamson
War In Heaven (Vol.44) 1976 Sphere (pbk) by Charles Williams
Morwyn: The Vengeance Of God (Vol.45) 1977 Sphere (pbk) by John Cowper Powys


The Black Art 1936 John Long by Rollo Ahmed. Dedicated to and introduced by DW.
You Can't Hit A Woman and other stories 1937 Collins by Peter Cheyney
Character From The Face 1939 Hutchinson by Jacques Penry
How To Judge Character From The Face 1952 Hutchinson by Jacques Penry. New edition.
The Queen's Necklace 1957 Collins Classics (No 511) by Alexandre Dumas
The Kiss Of Death 1964 Tandem Books, London by Charles Birkin. A collection of short horror stories
The Smell Of Evil 1964 Library 33, London by Charles Birkin. A second collection of short horror stories. Dedicated to & introduced by DW
The Smell Of Evil 1965/03 Tandem Books, London by Charles Birkin. A second collection of short horror stories. Dedicated to & introduced by DW
The Black Art 1968 Jarrolds by Rollo Ahmed. New edition & revised introduction by DW.
Mostly Joy. A Bookman's Story 1971 Michael Joseph by Thomas Joy
Malleus Maleficarum 1971/02 Arrow Books translated from the Latin by Montague Summers.
Witchcraft 1971? Arrow Books Boxed set of 3 pbks. Includes The Black Art & Malleus Maleficarum, both introduced by DW.
Gate Of Dreams 15 May 1972 Geoffrey Chapman By Charles Beatty. DW wrote 'A Word From A Witness' [xiii to xv].
The Black Magic Omnibus 1976 Robson Books Edited by Peter Haining. Prologue by DW and epilogue by Ray Bradbury.


Forbidden Territory 22 Dec 1934 Picture Show magazine Adapted by Picture Show's writer from the Gaumont-British film version of DW's novel
The Quest Of Julian Day 1976 Bulls-eye; pbk School Textbook (Paperback) by Albert Rowe – adapted from DW.
The Sword Of Fate 1978 Bulls-eye; pbk School Textbook (Paperback) by Albert Rowe – adapted from DW.
The Devil Rides Out 1987 Hutchinson Children's Books, 'Fleshcreeper' Series retold by Alison Sage


The Terrorist Oct 1942   (film treatment) appears in both editions of 'Mediterranean Nights'
The Fugitive King June 1943   (film treatment) written c.1934, appears in both editions of 'Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts'
The Bombing Of London June 1943   (film script) written c.1936, appears in the 1943 edition of 'Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts'
His Guiding Star unpublished   (film script)
An Englishman's Home (US Title: Madmen Of Europe) unpublished
(cf. notes)
  (film script) written in 1939 (mentioned in the intro to 'The Bombing Of London' in Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts, p144), but was never accepted.  Instead a revised edition was used for the film (produced by Aldwych and released in 1939) although DW and others were credited with writing the script.
The Satanist 1985   Play performed at the Leicester Arts Centre
Click here for more details.
The Devils Rides Out Last performed 2022   Musical by Colin McCourt. Last performed at The Empty Space Theatre, Manchester, October 2022
Click here for more details.


Tre Decennier med Dennis Wheatley 1963 Privately printed En Biografi & Bibliografi by Iwan Hedman & Jan Alexandersson. 4 copies only (each one an original typewritten copy). The first [Swedish/English] bibliography.
Fyra Decennier med Dennis Wheatley 1973 DAST, Strängnäs, Sweden Second (100 copies) and Third editions (1200 copies) of the above.
Dennis Wheatley - a bibliography 1999 Privately printed by Richard Humphreys. The first fully English bibliography. Only a small handful of copies were produced.
Dennis Wheatley : Churchill's Storyteller 2005 Spellmount Ltd by Craig Cabell. A re-telling of DW's 'Stranger Than Fiction'
The Devil is a Gentleman : The Life and Times of Dennis Wheatley 2009 Dedalus by Phil Baker. The definitive, 699 page, biography. Reprinted 2011, 2016.
Introductions and Allusions 2003; last revised 2022 Privately printed by Jonathan McColl. This could well be termed 'A Dennis Wheatley Companion'
D for Deception 2012 Atavist Inc by Tina Rosenberg. A short look at DW's work as a WWII Deception Planner by the Pulitzer prize-winning author
Dennis Wheatley and the Occult 2017 Privately printed By Craig Cabell, A short essay
The endpapers, maps and plans in Dennis Wheatley's books 2022 Privately printed by Jonathan McColl. A reproduction of all the maps and endpapers featured in DW's works.


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