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The Century Hutchinson Editions

The year is 1988.

Hutchinson's alchemist, Dennis Wheatley, was no more.  His first editions, with their countless reprints; the enormous success of the Arrow paperbacks; the tremendous impact of the Lymington editions which were snapped up by collectors and the lending libraries of the Commonwealth: this had all but ended, with a couple of minor Hutchinson imprints having a little success with paperback re-issues in the 1980s.

Was this, then, the time for another well-presented hardback series, with the added attraction of forewords by people who had known Wheatley?

Thus started the programme of Century Hutchinson's re-issues of Dennis Wheatley.  It is not recorded how many titles were intended to be re-issued under this programme, but, presumably due to lack of sales, only six titles were ever listed.

The books are certainly well-presented, with new artwork for the dust-jackets.  The bindings are black cloth with gilt lettering to the spines.  But the main attraction has to be the excellent forewords to each title.  What a shame for Wheatley fans that the series faded, for these would make a welcome addition to any collection.

The titles are as follows and the forewords can be viewed by clicking on the cover images:


The Forbidden Territory The Satanist The Devil Rides Out
Foreword by Anthony Wheatley Foreword by J.G. Links Foreword by Christopher Lee
(link to the foreword) (link to the foreword) (link to the foreword)
[March] 1988
ISBN: 0712619399
[March] 1988
ISBN: 0712619348
[June] 1988
ISBN: 0712622071
The Scarlet Impostor To The Devil—A Daughter The Irish Witch
Foreword by Anthony Lejeune Foreword by Francis King Foreword by Mark Ronson
(aka Marc Alexander, 1929-)
(link to the foreword) (link to the foreword) (link to the foreword)
[June] 1988
ISBN: 0712622128
[August] 1988
ISBN: 0712622470
[August] 1988
ISBN: 0712622527

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