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Bite Me, Issue 10, [2002]


2 Die 4  Spidercool must haves!

More Spiders!  Urban legends.

My Name is Drakula  What's in a name? A lot if yours is Drakula!

On the Trail of the Monster of Glamis  Bite Me's Sarah Kerr ventures into darkest Scotland to seek out the spectre of Glamis Castle ... did she find it? Read it and see!

Author Interview: Freda Warrington  Fantasy and vampire author, Freda, gets the Bite Me grilling.

Eileen Bites Back  Britain's premier Goth B-movie babe Eileen Daly, star of Razor Blade Smile is back!

Behind the Screams  Jonathan Sothcott explores the life and work of author Dennis Wheatley.

Living with the Undead  What's it like living with an 187 year old? Not your average relationship.

What is Vampyre Music?  ...apart from music to Bite Me readers' ears?

Dear Vampire  Cry on the shoulder of our new Vampire Agony Aunt, Kat ... but no biting her neck!.


Vampire News  Man uses silver dagger to 'kill' vampire mum... Ghost of Dracula Theme Park... Interview with the Vampire - the TV series...

Rest of the News  Cow mutilation mystery... Bigfoot Alive... Norwegian Loch Ness Monster... ???

New Blood  Vampire films and other scary films coming your way.

Bite Back  Your letters and comments. Also, we take a look in on our newlook fantastic website chat crypt.

Vamp Spot Bite  This issue, we have Angee.

Art  Gothic fantasy artist Joseph Vargo.

Unscene  The Bite Me paparazzi are out in full force! See and be Un-scene!

Centrefold  Tales from The Dark Tower by Joseph Vargo.

Reviews  Internet, events, books, dvds

Classifieds  Adverts of interest

Lastly  Doktor Haze of the Circus of Horrors travelling freak show

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