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Devil Movies (a photoplay OCCULT special)
n.d. [1977]


Strange Incidents On The Devil Sets, Ken Johns

In The Image Of Satan, Roy Pickard

The Sentinel, Gordon Gow

Reincarnation And Audrey Rose, Sally Francis

Telly's 'Shocker', Paul Wilson


Are Such Movies Dangerous? The Stars Reply, Gordon Gow

The Car

Exorcist II: The Heretic, Mike Munn

How Blatty Came To Write "The Exorcist", Sally Francis

The "Wheatley" Movies, P.W.


The Uncanny

Stars And Their Occult Experiences, Sally Francis

The Telekinesis Movies — Carrie, Roy Pickard

The Telekinesis Movies — The Medusa Touch, P.W.


The Omen, R.P.

The Men Behind The Omen Phenomena, John Austin

Race With The Devil, Gordon Gow

Ring Of Darkness, Sylvana Foa

Rosemary's Baby, Roy Pickard

Full Circle, K.J.

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