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G.M. The Independant Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine. Volume 1 No.5, January 1989



The E. Gary Gygax Story – The Master writes exclusively for GM

Zine Scene

Reviews - Buck Rogers, Dennis Wheatley's Murder Dossiers, Orient Express, Gumshoe Sherlock Holmes and more

Adventure Zone - The Shambler checks out the latest in computer adventures

PBM Update

The Paint Shop

Merchants of Menace

Ruck da House  GM's game of mass homicide by Jon Sutherland and Nigel Gross

Books - Alan Crump proves he can read

Where to buy GM

Splatter Punks Dye - Paint gun LRP spectacular

Christmas Alone - a gothic horror story by Jon Sutherland and Nigel Gross

MUGs Game

Feist's Faerie Tale - GM interviews Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts

The Golden Egg of the Ancients – GM's scenario

Storm Constantine - Meet Britain's new mistress of fantasy

The Axmean Commeth - Your letters

Comics and Crime

Critical Hits – Books by David Langford

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