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Million : The Magazine of Popular Fiction,
Number One, January-February 1991


Dick Francis, Profile of the best-selling author by Stan Nicholls

Slightly Foxed, David Langford investigates some crime writers' bloopers

Colin Dexter, Top British detective novelist interviewed by Lisa Tuttle

Inspector Morse, A new short story by Colin Dexter

Mutant Whatsit Turtles, Duncan Johnstone tells us about the name-changed reptiles

James Ellroy, The outspoken new master of US crime profiled by Paul McAuley

Doyle Meets Wilde, Mike Ashley describes a very special dinner party

Sue Grafton, Brendan Wignall interviews the alphabet-murders lady

British Gangsters, A great film tradition rediscovered by Kim Newman

Clubland Heroes, Paul Webb recalls a classic book about popular fiction

Dennis Wheatley, His books are out of print, but Stan Nicholls remembers their heyday

Sequels by Other Hands, Andrew Lane on the passing of the baton from author to author...

Marie Corelli, Her works now seem absurd: Brian Stableford shows how they once moved millions

Romantic Resurgence, Mary Cadogan re-acquaints herself with love stories

Feral Children, Brian Stableford on novels with a "Mother Was a Lovely Beast" theme

Horror, Mark Morris makes his pick of 1990's chillers

Classics Illustrated, Pete Crowther on the birth of the graphic novel

Thrillers, Reviews by Paul Webb, Wendy Bradley and Andrew Lane

Histories, Mysteries, Short reviews by Eugene Byrne, Neil Jones and Chris Hampshire

Bio-Biblio-Critical, An annotated listing of 1990's book about popular fiction

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