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The Complete Works of

Why is it that Charles Dickens is not
only our greatest but one of our most
deeply loved novelists?

Why do his characters evoke so responsive a chord in all of us? It is because the hundreds of fascinating characters in his book; are real people. Dickens created a whole world and peopled it with real men and women; said Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. And what men and women they were! Bankers, industrialists, engineers, administrators – controlling and pushing back the frontiers of the greatest empire the world had ever known. Yet, often only streets away from their great houses a whole population swilled around mean and filthy garrets on a tide of vice – their only relief, gin at a halfpenny a tot. To Dickens’ eternal glory, he ruthlessly exposed the shame and cant and social injustices of his time and raised a storm of protest that did much to relieve the grinding despair of the common man.

But he was a man, too, with Christmas in his heart. His books are full of the robust humour and good living that is also so essentially Victorian.

Over the years there have been many finely-bound editions of his works. Few, we believe, have surpassed this exquisite Heron Centennial Edition in beauty and NONE we are certain has equalled it in value.

Bound in beautiful holly-green Kidron, each novel is graced with the brilliant work of Dickens’ original illustrators – Phiz, Tenniel and Cruikshank. Imagine the sheer joy of seeing, such volumes on your own bookshelves.

A Tale Of Two Cities FREE with David Copperfield Vol. 1 at the subscriber’s price plus p&p.


David Copperfield II

Oliver Twist

Pickwick Papers I

Our Mutual Friend I

Pickwick Papers II

Our Mutual Friend II

Old Curiosity Shop I

Little Dorrit I

Old Curiosity Shop II

Little Dorrit II

Master Humphrey’s

Christmas Books


The Uncommercial

Christmas Stories I


Christmas Stories II

Barnaby Rudge I

American Notes

Barnaby Rudge II

Great Expectations

Hard Times

Nicholas Nickleby I

A Child’s History of

Nicholas Nickleby II


Bleak House I

Reprinted Pieces

Bleak House II


Dombey & Son I

Papers I

Dombey & Son II


Sketches by Boz I

Papers II

Sketches by Boz II


Martin Chuzzlewit I


Martin Chuzzlewit II


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