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Masterpieces of

Intrigue, betrayal and sudden death

The name of the deadly game is survival. Lonely men and women, trusting no-one, even questioning their own loyalties, practise their sordid craft in the name of some political cause they only dimly understand. Get in, do the job, then get out as best you can.

Words such as ‘safehouse’, ‘moles’ and ‘spooks’ are understood by most of us these days. Which says much for the popularity of the modern espionage thriller. And what gripping stuff it all is. Intricate plots, sweating fear, tension upon tension, deceit, and quiet, mild mannered killers, who may or may not be on your side. You’re never sure – and then it may be too late.

There cannot be a more believable, more committed spy than Leamus, who endures discredit, humiliation and intense peril in The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. Nor can there be a more devious spy-master than Smiley. Can you imagine a more cold-blooded killer than the anonymous Englishman stalking the President of a mighty nation in The Day Of The Jackal?

Now all your favourite Masterpieces of Espionage have been given a brilliant new ‘cover’ – magnificent golden embellished editions you will treasure for years to come. The Quiller Memorandum, Shall We Tell The President? The Odessa File. A Small Town In Germany, Goldfinger, The Eiger Sanction – all now in luxurious Kidron. Truly an Heirloom Binding as exiting as the best sellers it graces.


The Day Of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth FREE with The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by John Le Carré at the subscriber’s price plus p&p.


Goldfinger – Fleming

Solo – Higgins

Shall We Tell The President – Archer

A Small Town In Germany – Le Carré

The Robespierre Serial – Luard

The Tightrope Men – Bagley

Snowball – Allbeury

The Salamander – West

From Russia With Love – Fleming

The Quiller Memorandum – Hall

Charlie Muffin – Freemantle

The Odessa File – Forsyth

The Eiger Sanction – “Trevanian”

Travelling Horseman – Luard

I, Said The Spy – Lambert

The Looking Glass War – Le Carré

The Scarlatti Inheritance – Ludlum

The Devil’s Alternative – Forsyth


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