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The Best-Sellers of
Graham Greene

Always at the very edge of danger

Graham Greene is a giant among 20th century authors. A best-seller who also receives critical acclaim.

The man, Graham Greene, is almost as enigmatic as his stories. He once said, ‘I am on the side of the victims’. His is a restless spirit which has taken him and his readers to West Africa, Cuba, Mexico and Vietnam. Underlying all his famous novels is a compassionate concern for men and women. His doomed heroes, trying to escape from themselves, are drawn unwittingly into loyalties they do not feel. The whisky priest in The Power And The Glory, Pinkie, the teenage gangster in Brighton Rock, Scobie, whose love for two women leads him to disaster in The Heart Of The Matter, the youthful Pyle who blunders into bloodshed as The Quiet American.

Self-betrayal, pursuit and violence are always close to hand, so too is Greene’s dark humour. In Our Man In Havana, Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman short of money, agrees to become the British Secret Service’s agent in Havana. To ensure his monthly cheque, Wormold invents information which, unbeknown to him, is very close to the truth. The satire bites like a surgeon’s knife. Every volume in this Collection is sumptuously bound in rich Kidron, with the looks and feel of fine leathers.



Our Man In Havana FREE with Brighton Rock at the subscriber’s price plus p&p.


The Heart Of The Matter

The Comedians

Travels With My Aunt

The Honorary Consul

Stamboul Train

England Made Me

A Gun For Sale

The Man Within

It’s A Battlefield

A Burnt-out Case

The End Of The Affair

The Quiet American

The Third Man/Loser Takes All

The Power And The Glory

The Ministry Of Fear

The Confidential Agent

The Human Factor

Doctor Fisher Of

Geneva Or The Bomb

Party/The Fallen Idol

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