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The Selected Works of
Thomas Hardy

Scarcely a more moving writer in the English language.

Hardy wrote about his native Wessex and the people he knew and understood – shepherds, tenant farmers and country squires. You might think that this would limit his scope. Yet he shocked polite Victorian society with his powerful novels Tess Of The d’Urbervilles and Jude The Obscure. Here was life in the raw. The impossible plight of the people who worked on the land. Nature – cruel and relentless. Frustrated passions suddenly exposed. The real disappointments of love and life the world over, as Hardy saw them, tackled with honesty and courage. Although he portrayed life with a harsh vigour, he showed a gentle compassion for his hapless characters and lightened their load with a delicate humour.

Truly a great English genius, honoured in our superbly bound, lavishly golden tooled volumes in finest bottled green.


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Under The Greenwood

Tess Of The

Tree/The Well Beloved


A Pair Of Blue Eyes

A Group Of Noble

The Hand Of



Jude The Obscure

The Return Of The

A Laodicean


A Changed Man

The Trumpet–Major

Two On A Tower

The Mayor Of

Desperate Remedies


Life’s Little Ironies

The Woodlanders


Wessex Tales



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