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The Smash-hits of
Alistair MacLean

Fast and furious action at its
most exciting

You are never spared by MacLean. You know exactly what it feels like when, for example, a soft-nosed lead bullet from a Colt tears and smashes bone, muscle and tissue. You are swept along at an unrelenting pace from one danger to another, uncertain who to trust, knowing the odds are cruelly stacked against you. You are there, right at the heart of the action, because MacLean has put you there. Which is, perhaps, his greatest gift. He involves you completely. The ingenious plots, the high tension and the chilling details. And he knows what he’s writing about. His first novel, H.M.S. Ulysses is based upon his own exploits aboard a minesweeper in World War II.

Many of MacLean’s novels have been made into smash-hit movies, notably, Where Eagles Dare, The Guns Of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra. Most of his adventures have sold over a million copies each! But none have been so magnificently bound as the volumes in this Heron connoisseur’s collection.

Each volume is sumptuously bound in navy blue Kidron and decorated with lavish golden embellishing on cover and spine. Special artists have been commissioned to capture the pace and excitement of MacLean’s spell-binding stories.

H.M.S. Ulysses FREE with Breakheart Pass at the subscriber’s price plus p&p


Where Eagles Dare

The Last Frontier

The Guns of Navarone

Night Without End

The Dark Crusader

Puppet On A Chain

Fear Is The Key

The Satan Bug

Force 10 From

South By Java Head


When Eight Bells Toll

The Golden

Caravan To Vaccares


Bear Island

Ice Station Zebra

Way To A Dusty Death


The Golden Gate




Goodbye California




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