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Four superb volumes bound in fine English leather, complete with immaculate 23ct. gold blocking on covers and spines. Silken head and tail bands and bound-in silken marker ribbons. Real gold page edging and ‘English Joint’ spines. Silky heavy endsheets.

In Genuine English Leather with real 23ct. Gold.

The Complete Works of
William Shakespeare

No home library is complete without the Works of our greatest literary genius. Today, we have become so accustomed to hearing his fine words that we have forgotten the delights of reading his comedies, histories, tragedies and poems. One of the greatest joys of reading Shakespeare must surely be savouring your favourite speeches – and discovering again his power to move you, to provoke you and make you think. What more magical name in the entire history of literature is there than William Shakespeare.

Also available in handsome burgundy Kidron bindings with lavish golden decoration.


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