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The Collected Works of
Nevil Shute

He wrote with a power that enthralled millions

Nevil Shute became, in his time, the most popular novelist in the world. He was born to tell stories – of life in the Australian outback and the American West, in Burma and Malaya and the towns and villages of England – stories of the courage and decency of ordinary people, of the values of the individual in an ailing world, of the power of friendship and the force of love, of drama, innocence and disaster.

‘Age, sex, class – these were matters of indifference to Nevil Shute when he wanted to portray the qualities which he believed made humanity valuable, the skills and principles, the tenacity and unself-seeking courage without which human organisation would not be possible’, writes William Buchan in his preface to this collected edition.

Every volume is magnificently bound in burgundy Kidron, richly grained and glove soft.

You’ll agree, an edition worthy of the esteem and affection in which he is held.


A Town Like Alice FREE with On The Beach at the subscriber’s price plus p&p.


No Highway

Trustee From The

Pied Piper


Chequer Board

Stephen Morris

An Old Captivity

Slide Rule

Round The Bend

Lonely Road

The Far Country


Requiem For A Wren

Ruined City

In The Wet


Beyond The Black



So Disdained


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