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The Best-Sellers of
Wilbur Smith

The world’s greatest adventure writer. For sheer power, pace and excitement.

As a spinner of red-blooded adventure stories Wilbur Smith is bigger, tougher, wilder than any other novelist around today!

His all-action heroes are the kind of lusty, hard-drinking fortune-seekers you find in the best John Wayne films . . . his ladies exude naked desire like other women wear Eau-de-cologne . . . they don’t get asked twice – and they don’t need to get asked twice! And for sheer pace of whirlwind action Wilbur Smith’s explosive yarns make sticks of dynamite seem like damp squids.

In Gold Mine Wilbur Smith brilliantly captures the heat, the sweat and the terrifying dangers of life in and around the gold-mines – so realistic you can taste the dust in the back of the throat . . . sense the spectre of disaster lurking in the bowels of the sacred earth.

In tremendous action thrillers like Shout At The Devil – brilliantly filmed, starring Roger Moore and Lee Marvin – you’ll experience the thrill of the hunt for big game, with brawling hard drinking men who gamble with life itself. In The Eye Of The Tiger you’ll cruise the Mozambique Channel where the rich catch the big fish . . . and Harry Fletcher who can out-drink the local bar-flies and charm the local beauties, invents new ways to ‘catch’ the rich – and their money. As always with Wilbur Smith, violence, mayhem and death are always just below the surface: like a deadly cobra in a basket . . .

In keeping with the sheer excitement of Wilbur Smith’s Best-Sellers, all fourteen volumes are magnificently bound in a rich, grainy mid-tan Kidron which has the feel of fine leathers. Outstanding adventure! Tremendous value!


Gold Mine FREE with The Eye Of The Tiger at the subscriber’s price plus p&p


Shout At The Devil  

Eagle In The Sky  

When The Lion Feeds  

The Sunbird  

A Sparrow Falls  

The Dark Of The Sun  

The Sound Of Thunder  

Hungry As The Sea  

The Diamond Hunters  

A Falcon Flies  

Wild Justice  

Cry Wolf  


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