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Dennis Wheatley’s last major venture before his death was to assemble, in association with George Rainbird,
the Chairman of Sphere Books, a series of reprints of fiction and non-fiction works on the Occult.
The series went under the title ‘The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult’, and each had an introduction by DW.

The series was launched in 1974 with a party at Brown’s Hotel, which Phil Baker advises was decorated with nylon
cobwebs and lit with black candles to give atmosphere to the occasion.

The promotional ‘manuscript’ which was sent
to booksellers informing them of the launch of the series.

This copy was given to Iwan Hedman / Morelius by
Dennis Wheatley.

The series was originally intended to run to hundreds of titles, but in the end only forty five were produced.
Some are common but others, especially some of the White Lion Publications, are exceptionally hard to find.

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