In 1940 Jack Slessor was Assistant
Chief of Air Staff (Plans). Churchill, not
satisfied with the War Office appreciation of
the form a possible German invasion would
take, instructed Slessor and General Downing
to make a special study of the subject and report.

Meanwhile I had written, for private
circulation among the members of the Joint
Planning Staff of the War Cabinet, a long
paper "The Invasion and Conquest of Britain"
as I visualised it through the eyes of the
German General Staff.

A copy of my paper was given to Slessor
and he incorporated a part of it in the
report that went to the P.M.

After the war, when we had captured all
the German documents, it proved that our
War Office's appreciation (East Coast) had
been wrong and mine (Kent-Sussex where
the Germans had planned to land their invasion)

Jack later became a good friend of
Mine, and I am god-father to his step-

Dennis Wheatley.