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Total War
'Total War' is the title of a 100,000 word document that Wheatley wrote in the Summer of 1941 and presented to the Joint Planning Staff of Churchill's War Cabinet.  It is a much enlarged version of two earlier war papers entitled: 'The Nature and Principles of Total War' and 'The Practical Application of Total War'.  The number of those reading these papers was extremely small, possibly no more than twenty, including King George VI.
It was felt that this paper would have positive effects on morale if published.  But it was decided that it could not be published in its existing form as so much sensitive and detailed information was included.  Wheatley, therefore, cut it by over two-thirds.  The remaining thirty thousand or so words were reworked and published as a shilling paperback by Hutchinson.
The full and complete paper never reached the light of day.  How many copies have survived is difficult to say, but the number must be fantastically small.
The copy I have is typed onto foolscap and bound in blue card with dark blue ribbon.  Wheatley has made corrections and additions throughout in ink and has indicated those sections to be cut for publication.
He has signed it on the last page.
The censored section I have included here is called
At this point we are perhaps justified in turning aside from the main theme of this portion of the paper to discuss assassination.  That assassination is by no means excluded from total war is manifest by Hitlers elimination of dangerous rivals among his own party, such as Captain Roehm and his eleven hundred fellow victims who were murdered at their Fuehrers order, and the killing in the most brutal circumstances of the Austrian Chancellor, Dollfuss, at a time when the Nazis were already fighting this war, although the nations were still nominally at peace.  If Hitler could succeed in assassinating Mr. Churchill, there is no reason at all to suppose that he would have the least scruple in doing so.
The deaths of Lord Lothian, Lord Lloyd and Captain Euan Wallace at the ages of 60, 61 and 49 respectively, may quite possibly be coincidence; yet the obvious value to Britains war effort of these three distinguished servants of the crown and the fact that each of them died suddenly in somewhat unusual circumstances, certainly gave rise to definite misgivings in the public mind.  How well calculated too to harm the allied cause was the sudden death of the great patriot and premier, General Metaxas.
Doubtless our leaders all have adequate police protection, but too many precautions to ensure their safety cannot possibly be taken – above all, in the case of Mr. Churchill, who would certainly have a taster for his food.
If he has not got one I am one among the many who, I feel certain, would consider it an honour to be appointed to such a post.
On the other side of the picture, there must be great numbers of people who, driven to utter desperation by Nazi persecution and the destruction of all they hold dear, would willingly give their lives for the privilege of striking a blow at Hitler.  On balance, it is reasonable to suppose that his demise would harm the German war effort to a much greater degree than the indignation of the German people at his assassination would give it new impetus.  Therefore, according to the theory of total war, such people should be secretly encouraged and assisted in any attempt they may propose to make against him.
Hitler is probably so carefully guarded that it would be next to impossible to assassinate him, but there are other Nazis or pro-Nazis, the elimination of whom would assist our war effort – for example, Mr. De Valera might be the first to go.
By his denial of Irish bases to the British fleet and air force, he has greatly jeopardised our Atlantic lifeline.  At the moment, the Irish Republic is in the process of raising a home guard, but Mr.de Valera has demanded that all members of the home guard should take an oath to fight any foreign forces which may land in the country.
This means that, should we receive information that Hitler intends an assault on Eire and we make any attempt to forestall him without receiving a direct invitation from the Eireann government, the pro-British elements in the Eireann home guard would be called upon to fight British troops.  In consequence the pro-British section of the South Irelands population is refusing to join the home guard, and arms are now being put exclusively into the hands of anti-British elements who will form a Nazi fifth column at any time that Hitler decides to protect Ireland.
By his refusal to lease us bases and the impossible position that he placed pro-British Irishmen in this matter of the home guard, Mr. De Valera has clearly indicated that he must be counted as among the Kings enemies.  Logically therefore, since thousands of British lives are being lost in the Atlantic, and southern Ireland may become a base for German operations against this country while we allow him to continue as President of the Eireann Republic, steps should be taken for his elimination.


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