Excerpt from an Unpublished Screenplay

The exact date of this screenplay is unclear, though it certainly dates from the 1930s.  It is a romantic, light-comedy, thriller about a gang of international art thieves.  I have a number of drafts of the script, and the most complete runs to over thirteen thousand words.
I have shown the first three pages.
All drafts are on typed quarto sheets with corrections in ink by the author.
(Provisional Title)
A Draft Film Play
Dancer: You mean to tell me that you were fool enough to guarantee your own managers overdraft?
Jack: Yes, Old Boy.
Dancer: When you have been resting for three months?
Jack: Yes, Old Boy.
Dancer: And he couldnt even get you a shop?
Jack: Yes, Old Boy.
Dancer: You-----------oh, go and mix me a drink.
Jack: Thanks.  (mixes a drink and drinks it himself)
Dancer: How much has he soaked you for?
Jack: 411.7.4.  More than Ive got.
Dancer: (giving piercing whistle) What does your bank say to that?
Jack: Since I cannot raise the money they are going to send me a little piece of blue paper called a writ.
Dancer: Do you really mean that?
Jack: I do.
Dancer: And do you realize what it will mean if you cant pay?
Jack: I suppose I shall have to up before some magistrate chap.
Dancer: Youll go to prison.
Jack: What! ! !
Dancer: That is a fact.  There are 30,000 people in prison for just that alone, in this country at the moment.  The offence is not called debt in these days, but contempt of court.
Jack: Thanks, I think Ill mix you another drink.  (stands up and mixes it for himself)
Dancer: (coming over) Listen Jack, Im serious.  There is only one thing for it.  You must get out of the country before they issue that writ.
Jack: Too late, Old Boy, they took it out today, so itll be served tomorrow morning.
Dancer: Oh, my God, mix us both another drink.  (Fade out)
(Small fast car at side of pavement.  Two thugs inside)
1st Thug: Darned if I see why this is necessary.
2nd. Thug: Governors orders.  He only tumbled to it this afternoon that the guide who is to conduct the party was taking that tour last winter in the Auroros, when he soaked old millionaire Mason.  This fellow may know him again, so he is taking no chances.
1st Thug: Thats him.  Get moving - - - - - - - - -
  (A tall young man crosses road.  Portfolio under arm.  Car moves forward.  Increases speed.  Races down street.  Just as young man steps on pavement, car flicks him in the back.  Young man sent sprawling.  Portfolio falls in gutter.  Crowd runs up.  Young man lifted to feet.  Not badly hurt, but dazed and unable to stand.
  Jack in crowd.  Young man hurried into ambulance.  Crowd disperses.  Jack left standing.  Suddenly sees portfolio in gutter.  Picks it up.  Starts to run after ambulance.  Too late.  Takes it under his arm, and goes into block of flats.)


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