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ANTHOLOGIES WANTS LIST as at 18 February 2006


Best Crime Stories 2 1966 Faber (ed. by John Welcome)
Best Secret Service Stories 1960 Faber (ed. by John Welcome)
The Ghost's Companion 1975 Victor Gollancz (ed. by Peter Haining)
Ghost Tour 1984 Wm. Kimber (ed. by Peter Haining)
Medley Macabre 1966 Hammond (ed. by Bryan A. Netherwood)
The Mummy 1988 Severn House (ed. by Peter Haining)
My Best Secret Service Story 1940 Faber (ed. by AD Divine)
My Best Spy Story 1938 Faber  
My Most Exciting Story 1936 Faber  
The Necromancers 1971 Hodder (ed. By Peter Haining)
The Satanists 1969 Neville Spearman (ed. By Peter Haining)
Spy! An Anthology of Espionage Stories 1969 Blackie & Son Ltd (chosen by Alan C. Jenkins)
The Spy's Bedside Book 1957 Hart-Davies (ed. by Graham & Hugh Greene)
1984 Granada not the one marked reprint
Stories of Detection and Mystery 1965 Longman Simplified English (selected and adapted by EJH Morris and DJ Mortimer)
Today 1971 Longman (ed. by Peter Cowan)
The Unspeakable People 1969 Leslie Frewin (ed. By Peter Haining)