Black Magic/ Occult Works:

Title (click on title to return to 1st editions) Date of 1st Publication
The Devil Rides Out  (a de Richleau story) [12 December 1934]
Strange Conflict  (a de Richleau story) [21 April 1941]
The Haunting Of Toby Jugg  (out of series) [2 December 1948]
To The Devil—A Daughter  (a Molly Fountain story) [15 January] 1953
The Ka Of Gifford Hillary  (out of series) [9 July] 1956
The Black Magic Omnibus  (contains Molly Fountain and de Richleau stories) [26 November] 1956
The Satanist  (a Molly Fountain story) [29 August] 1960
They Used Dark Forces  (a Gregory Sallust story) [5 October] 1964
Unholy Crusade  (an out of series historical adventure with occult connections) [14 August] 1967
The White Witch Of The South Seas  (a Gregory Sallust adventure with occult connections) [26 August] 1968
Gateway To Hell  (a de Richleau story) [17 August] 1970
The Devil And All His Works  (a reference book) [20 September] 1971
The Irish Witch  (a Roger Brook story) [20 August] 1973
Dennis Wheatley's Library Of The Occult  (edited works) 1974 to 1977
Heinemann/Octopus: Omnibus  (contains Molly Fountain, de Richleau and Toby Jugg stories) [September] 1977
Chancellor Press: Omnibus  (contains de Richleau stories) [15 April] 1992
BCA : The Devil Rides Out [&] Gateway To Hell  (contains de Richleau stories) [November] 2005
BCA : To The Devil—A Daughter [&] The Satanist  (the Molly Fountain mini-series) [November] 2005
Classic Black Magic from Dennis Wheatley (contains 3 Black Magic stories) [May] 2011


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