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DW's Homes and other locations of DW interest

Over his lifetime, excluding short stays, Dennis Wheatley lived in just over a dozen homes.

Many of these are still standing, and those in either the Central London or Brixton / Streatham area could be visited in a single day*. For most people, a trip to see the serpentine wall DW built on the boundary of Grove Place in Lymington, Hampshire, while well worthwhile (the house itself is long demolished), would require a longer journey.

This exhibition seeks to show where all the houses stood, what they looked like in DW's day where photos are available, and what they look like now if they are still standing.

It also shows in a separate sub-section various other places of DW interest.

If you decide to go and have a look at any of the sites, of course please don't inconvenience the owners.

If anyone has any addition material which would fit this first 'Special Exhibition' in the Museum, I would be most grateful for it.


* Most of the Central London houses are within a few minutes walk of underground stations. As at May 2009, all of the sites in the Brixton / Streatham area lie on bus route 133 from Liverpool Street Station to St Leonards Church in Streatham. The Brixton area has in the past experienced unrest. When I did my research it was quite o.k. but it would be wise to check on conditions before any visit just in case things change.

Dennis Wheatley's Homes
DatesAddressReference On Maps
1897 - 1904 10 Raleigh Gardens, London SW2 A
1904 - 1910 Wootton Lodge, Streatham Hill, London SW2 B*
1910 - 1913 1 Becmead Avenue, London SW16 C
1913 - 1922 Clinton House, 1 Palace Road, Streatham SW2 D
1922 - 1926 20a Trebovir Road, London SW5 E
1926 - 1930 12 Chepstow Place, London W2 F
1930 - 1931 11 Manson Mews, London SW7 G
1931 - 1935 48 Queens Gate, London SW7 H
1935 - 1940 8 St Johns Woods Park, London NW8 I
1941 151 Oakwood Court, London W14 J
1941 - 1945 10 Chatsworth Court, Pembroke Road, London W8 K
1945 - 1968 Grove Place, Lymington, Hants SO41 L*
1961 - 1977 60 Cadogan Square, London SW1 M

Other Locations of Interest
PeriodLocationReference On MapsReason
1870s/1880s - 1916 Streatham Hill, London SW2 n* Probable site of Aspen House, the mansion where DW's grandfather William Yeats Baker lived
1896 Christchurch, Christchurch Road, London SW2 o The church where DW's parentswere married
1916 Heytesbury House,
Heytesbury Wiltshire
v DW was billeted at the house in World War I
1918; 1921 St Leonard's Church Streatham, London SW16 p The church where DW's first love Barbara Symonds and close friend Hilda Gardner had their marriages
1922 Hayes Lane, Kenley, Surrey CR8 (Near Croydon) q The site where DW's amoral friend and mentor Gordon Eric Gordon Tombe was murdered by his associate Ernest Dyer
1922 St James Church, Spanish Place, 22 George Street, London W1 r The Roman Catholic church where DW and his first wife Nancy were married
16 November 1922 The Bar Hotel,
w The site of Ernest Dyer’s death
1893 - 1931 26/27 South Audley Street, London W1 s The site of Wheatley & Son; the family wine business run by DW, and before him by his father
1931 St Ethelburga's Church, Bishopsgate, London EC2 t The church where DW's marriage to his second wife Joan was celebrated
1942 - 1944 The Cabinet War Rooms, Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London SW1 u Churchill's underground fortress in World War II where DW served as a deception planner

*Site of house; since demolished

Overview of Locations

South East England


More detailed maps showing the detailed location of each building will be found in the relevant sections.