The Musuem
Floor Plan

The Dennis Wheatley 'Museum' - Floor Plan

Room 1 The Early Years Open
Room 2 World War I Open
Room 3 Gordon Eric Gordon-Tombe Open
Room 4 The Women in DW's life Open
Room 5 The Wine Merchant Open
Room 6 Instant success as an author - The Forbidden Territory Open
Room 7 Researching the Occult - The Devil Rides Out Open
Room 8 World War II Open
Room 9 The Post War Years Open
Room 10 The Final Years Open
Special exhibitions
Room 1 DW's Homes and other locations of DW interest Open
Room 2 DW's Library Open
Room 3 Champions of Reincarnation: Dennis Wheatley & Joan Grant Open
Room 4 Dennis Wheatley in World War II: a supplement Partially open