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The Dennis Wheatley 'Museum' - The Final Years

The Funeral and memorials

The Epilogue in ‘Drink and Ink’

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The Epilogue was very carefully worded,
as can be seen from the correspondence

below. Both the correspondence and
DW’s final letter to ‘Bobby’ Eastaugh
were preserved in Eastaugh’s copy of
‘Drink and Ink’

Anthony Wheatley’s correspondence with ‘Bobby’ Eastaugh

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The Baker Memorial in West Norwood cemetery
DW is recorded here as a scion of the Baker family

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The visitor centre at Brookwood Cemetery,
where DW is given considerable prominence

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DW's gravestone and (right) a map of where it is located

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For directions on how to reach the grave, click here

DW originally wished his body to be cremated and his ashes buried in the churchyard of St Leonard’s in Steatham, or failing that in the churchyard of St Thomas’s in Lymington. Failing those, he wished to be buried in Brookwood cemetery. In the event it was in Brookwood cemetery that his remains were buried.

The funeral was held at Putney Crematorium, with the service conducted by his lifelong friend the Lord Bishop of Peterborough, ‘Bobby’ Eastaugh.

No copy of the eulogy remains.

The location is marked by a small tombstone, simply inscribed :

8.1.97 TO 10.11.77
Prince of
Thriller Writers




References :  ‘Drink and Ink’, ‘Epilogue’, p267


Provenance :   Top photo Steve Whatley

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