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DW’s 80th birthday party

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One of the Press reports of the party at Vintners Hall

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This copy was found in a DW book owned
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DW celebrated his 80th birthday in January 1977 with family and friends.

There was also a celebratory party at Vinters Hall in the City of London on January 4th, which doubled as a launch party for the first volume of his autobiography, ‘The Young Man Said’.

Around 300 guests from his private, public and professional life gathered for the buffet dinner, which was widely reported in the Press.

There were displays of his life’s work, and the film he had commissioned of his life ‘ Living Portrait’, was given showings at three different times.

Joan had to remain seated for the evening, and DW had to remain seated as everyone queued up to congratulate him and shake his hand.

Enjoyable as it was, DW later confessed that the week’s celebrations left him ‘utterly exhausted’.   


References :   Phil Baker pp 602-4.

Provenance :   Private collection