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'I really feel a conviction I was born to write ....'

Extract from DW's letter to Hilda Gardner

of 12th November 1921

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As DW wrote to his lifelong friend Hilda Gardner, he had a conviction he was born to write.

Having experimented with writing while at school, he tried his hand again in World War One.

In 1917, to while away the time while he was on guard duty in war-torn France, DW started a full length novel. The novel, called "Julie's Lovers", followed the trials and tribulations of a pretty young Frenchwoman through the War. DW finished it when he was back in England and his father arranged for it to be typed, but it was never published.

DW was undeterred however, and as this letter shows, in 1921 he was busy writing a play.

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Provenance:Reproduced with the permission of Leeds University Library