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The Dennis Wheatley 'Museum' - Instant success as an author

The launch party

The launch in Justerini's cellars

The Menu

The launch in Justerini's cellars

DW with Baron de Cartier de Marchienne
the Belgian Ambassador, (left) and his friend
Sir Lionel Earle just before the luncheon in the cellar

The Belgian Ambassador's 'Thank you' letter (left)
and a letter replying to a letter from DW
offering to supply him with wine.

To celebrate the launch, DW threw a lunch party in Justerini and Brooks' cellars in Villiers Street. Miraculously, not only does a photo of DW with his principal guests survive, but also the Belgian Ambassador's 'thank you'letter and a copy of the menu. The 'thank you' letter turned up in 2017 and the menu in October 2015.

For a near contemporary account of the party, click here.

References: 'Drink and Ink' p 114.
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Provenance:Private Collection
My thanks to Ian Sayer for the biographical information on the Belgian Ambassador, and for much else that has benefitted this website!