Having shared and enjoyed the artwork of DW's titles for some time now, I thought I ought to expand the experience by including publications by others, where DW is featured as a short story writer, as the writer of the foreword/prologue to others' works, or mentioned in some way.

The covers that follow show titles that I have managed to collect or, in a few instances, 'borrowed' from places like eBay.  I have initially arranged them by publication date except where there is an obvious grouping of titles.  In these cases the first publication date decides the placing of the group.  There are many more titles and I will add these as and when I obtain details.


Vagabond Pilgrimage Supper in Nurenburg A Killing Kindness
1949 1974 1980
Robert Hale DAST Magazine (1989) Collins Crime Club
By Frederick Cowles

The printed dedication reads ‘To DENNIS WHEATLEY in friendship’

A play describing a fictional encounter between DW and Hermann Goering shortly before the latter’s death. Translated from the Swedish by Iwan Morelius.

For the complete text, click here
By Reginald Hill

A ‘Dalziel and Pascoe’ novel. Contains a passing reference to Dennis Wheatley.


Matchbox Toys Wine of Angels Midwinter of the Spirit
1985 1998 1999
  Macmillan, London Macmillan London
A toy model of the 1938 Hispano Suiza AY17. Although this is a later model than the car the Duke owned in ‘The Devil Rides Out’, to judge from the street name ("Rue de Richelieu"), the background artist was something of a DW fan -  even if he/she  got the name slightly wrong  ! By Phil Rickman

The first Rev Merrily Watkins novel.
Contains a passing reference to Dennis Wheatley & how Satanists are sick in church.
By Phil Rickman

The second Rev Merrily Watkins novel.
Contains a passing reference to a satanic temple looking like something inspired by Dennis Wheatley novels.


Merewenna The House of Lost Souls The Satanist’s Son
2005 Australian p/bk 2007 2017
John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd, Milton, Queensland Hodder & Stoughton CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
A medieval tale for Australian secondary schools by Dan Ashlin with a unique(?) dedication:
"For Richard, Simon, Marie-Lou, The Duke and Rex — who started me on this whole scribbling business"
By F G Cottam

DW features as a character in this debut novel
By G W Martin

A story of the three modern musketeers that
takes place two years after the Duke de Richleau’s death


That Old Black Magic A ‘distinctive dummy’
2018 ?
Profile Books Ltd A Distinctive Dummies Production. Likeness sculpted by Steve Thompson.
By Cathi Unsworth, 'The First Lady of Noir writing'.This is Cathi's sixth novel, based in large part on fact, and on various real and strange happenings in 1941. Written as she confirmed to this webmaster as a deliberate homage to DW, and with a reference to DW (in Chapter 18), although he is cleverly named by not being named

An action figure of Christopher Lee as the Duc de Richleau, as featured in the Hammer film of 'The Devil Rides Out'.
Spotted on Facebook by Kevin Pearce in March 2018 with further information supplied by Steve Whatley.



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