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Listed here are a few TV & Radio programmes about Dennis Wheatley and various other broadcasts with Dennis Wheatley content.

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Other Publications : a selection of TV and radio programmes about Dennis Wheatley and other broadcasts and public talks with Dennis Wheatley content


Date Medium Title
1937 Radio Luxembourg

Two talks on ‘Witchcraft and the Black Art’

(Dennis Wheatley) 07.04.1938 TV
(live broadcast from Olympia?)

Picture Page

DW’s TV debut, talking about a recent holiday and promoting The Malinsay Massacre and The Mystery Rooms

(Dennis Wheatley) 18.02.1939 TV
(live broadcast from Alexandra Palace)
Columnists and their Victims

Featuring DW, Tom Driberg, Lady Eleanor Smith, Lord Donegall and Patrick Balfour
(Dennis Wheatley) 09.01.1954 TV
BBC 8.50-9.10 pm

Let's Make Faces

(Dennis Wheatley) 17.04.1956 Radio
BBC Light Programme 2 p.m
Woman's Hour
DW is Guest of the Week
Introduced by Marjorie Anderson
(Dennis Wheatley) 1960 Teddington Studios The Bookman
(Dennis Wheatley) 23.01.1961 British Pathe
Novelist Bricklayer
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 06.03.1961 Radio
‘The Art of Suspense’
(Dennis Wheatley) 22.03.1961 TV
BBC 4.30-5.00 pm
Wednesday Magazine
(Dennis Wheatley) 09.05.1964 TV
‘Writer’s World’ with Melvyn Bragg
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 08.12.1966 Radio

Home Service
4.45 p.m.
‘Home This Afternoon; Turning Points’

DW interviewed about his life by John Ellison
(Dennis Wheatley) 1967 Film Living Portraits

An autobiographical documentary scripted by DW
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 28.11.1968 TV
BBC2 10.45 pm
Late Night Line Up
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 1969 Southern Television Re sale of Grove Place
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 08.03.1970 TV
LWT 11.30
The Simon Dee show

Special Guests were DW and others
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 1970 British Pathe Film Untitled documetary - sound missing
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 05.01.1971 Thames TV Living Writers
(Dennis Wheatley) 16.09.1971 Radio DW interviewed about the Occult by William Hardcastle
(Dennis Wheatley) 09.02.1972 Thames TV Living Writers
(Dennis Wheatley) 15.02.1972 Thames TV Living Writers
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 16.06.1972 Anglia News A brief interview with DW about a talk he had just given to Anglican Clergy on subject of Devil Worship.
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 04.11.1972 Radio 4
Desert Island Discs with Roy Plomley (guest star Dennis Wheatley)
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 31.07.1973 Thames TV Dennis Wheatley Talking
(Dennis Wheatley at desk) 03.06.1974 TV
BBC1 10.20-10.50 pm
Read All About It
Presented by Melvyn Bragg
(Robert Robinson interview) 06.01.1977 BBC2 8.05 - 8.35 pm The Book Programme
Dennis Wheatley at 80 : DW
interviewed by Robert Robinson
(Dennis Wheatley) 11.11.1984 Radio 4 Bookshelf: The Sin Eaters: Horror Novelists

Presented by Hunter Davies, with Stephen King, Ramsay Campbell, Peter Straub and others – DW was discussed.
(Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror) 08.11.1997 TV
Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror

Featuring clips from an interview with DW & an interview with Bob Rothwell !
(The Lost Decade) 24.10.2004 TV
Fooling Hitler

A drama documentary concerning deception planning in World War II featuring Peter Pacey as DW
(The Lost Decade) 29.10.2005 TV
The Lost Decade : Dennis Wheatley: A Letter to Posterity
( Rpt 31.10.06 etc)
(Mastermind) 11.09.2006 TV
BBC2 8 P.M
Mastermind: Katharine Drury answers questions on the Roger Brook Novels of Dennis Wheatley

For further details see ‘BBC TV Mastermind’ in the Library’s ‘General Topics’ section.
(The Haunted Airman) 31.10.2006 TV
‘The Haunted Airman’; (very) loosely based on DW’s novel ‘The Haunting of Toby Jugg’.
( Rpt 31.10.06 etc)

[for what it’s worth, it bore little resemblance to the novel and most (all ?) DW fans hated it].
04.03.2010 Treadwell’s Bookshop,
Covent Garden
Talk by Phil Baker on Dennis Wheatley
15.04.2011 University of London Conference on the Hot and Cold War 1939-1989 Paper by Phil Baker on DW’s largely unknown novel ‘Ayesha’, which was written at the behest of the Foreign Office
14.03.2013 South East London Folklore Society Talk by Phil Baker on Dennis Wheatley
13.10.2013 Radio
BBC World Service
7 a.m.

Weekend hosted by Julian Worricker includes an interview with Dominic Wheatley and Charles Beck to coincide with Bloomsbury’s re-launch of DW’s books
13.10.2014 The Sohemian Society Talk by Phil Baker on Dennis Wheatley
13.10.2015 The Dracula Society
Talk by Phil Baker on Dennis Wheatley
20.02.2016 Bloggers event at the Groucho Club Bloggers Event on Dennis Wheatley and John Creasey hosted by Peters Fraser & Dunlop’s Crime classics team featuring talks on the two authors by Charles Beck and Richard Creasey.
11.03.2017 Essex Book Festival Talk by Charles Beck on ‘Dennis Wheatley – the man, his life and his works’
10.08.2017 Treadwell's Bookshop, WC1 Talk by Christopher Josiffe on 'The many faces of Rollo Ahmed'
with numerous references to
Dennis Wheatley and this site
04.02.2019 The Solar Society Castle Hedingham, Essex Talk by Charles Beck : ‘Dennis Wheatley Rides Out’


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