Unlocated Wheatley (a selection)
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Unlocated Wheatley (a selection)

1 The Forbidden Territory (1934 film)

The only extant version is the version released in the USA, which is 74 minutes in duration. No copies has yet been found of the original English version, which was 82 minutes long.

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2 The Dancing Faun

The Dancing Faun sat on the conference table of the London Controlling Section in World War Two (which was originally DW’s dining room table). Whereabouts currently unknown.

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3 DW’s Swagger sticks / sword sticks

Two of these were made for DW, against regulations, by Wilkinson in World War two. Whereabouts currently unknown.

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4 DW’s set of Napoleonic figurines

Prominently on display at DW’s house in Lymington, and fondly described in his film ‘Living Portraits’, the current whereabouts of DW’s set is not known.

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5 Curious household goods

There must be plenty of other interesting items that we either don’t know about, or know about, but don’t know where they are. Examples from the latter category include an Egyptian Mummy and an Indian chest which shot out sharp rods of steel if you opened it the wrong way, both of which were apparently in his house at Lymington The whereabouts of both of these currently unknown.

6 Family and other personal ephemera

A host of correspondence and personal ephemera (including family portraits and some very personal correspondence) are waiting somewhere to be found. Some at least of this appeared somewhat mysteriously at an auction in Bournemouth in 1984. The buyer appears to have re-auctioned all this material, and material from this auction periodically comes to light in smaller auctions.

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