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DW’s famous copy of
‘Magick in Theory and Practice’

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Pride of place was taken by his copy of Aleister Crowley's 'Magick in Theory and Practice’, which Crowley lavishly inscribed for him during their lunch at the Hungaria in 1934 when DW was doing his research for ‘The Devil Rides Out'. It was frequently brought out to impress visitors, and its current value (Blackwell’s catalogue price £ 250) would be hard to estimate.

‘Voodoo in Haiti’ by Alfred Metraux (1959)

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One of DW’s ‘working books’; DW has annotated or marked in pencil those parts which he found particularly interesting or important

A C Henning’s ‘Haunted Borley’

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Other items included a well-inscribed pamphlet by A.C. Henning on Borley Rectory, which was described by ‘ghost hunter’ Harry Price as ‘the most haunted house in England’.

The rectory was severely damaged by fire in 1939 and demolished in 1944.

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Provenance : Private collections
A C Henning pamphlet ex Richard Humphreys collection