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DW’s copy of the 1939 Cambridge University Press
limited edition of the Tyndale translation
of the New Testament

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Another book DW tended to show visitors (like his copy of ‘Magick’, it featured in his 1967 ‘family video’, ‘Living Portrait’) was his lavish limited edition copy of the Tyndale New Testament.

He bequeathed the book to his lifelong friend the Lord Bishop of Peterborough Cyril 'Bobby' Eastaugh MC – as is evidenced not only by the inscription inside but also by the sticker attached to the bottom right of the slipcase (not shown).

Wallis Budge's 'Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection' - Dennis Wheatley's copy,
bought in November 1922 at the behest of his friend Gordon-Tombe

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Other religions were also of interest to DW. Above, as an example of his interest in ancient religions, is his copy of E.A. Wallis Budge’s ‘Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection’. DW had a number of books on re-incarnation, which he favoured, including a complete set of the ‘Far Memory’ books penned by his friend Joan Grant, who believed herself to be the reincarnation of a First Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh and other notable and un-notable personalities.

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