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Dennis Wheatley's Library - modern first editions
Aldous Huxley - the definitive collection

One of the books from DW’s Huxley collection

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Huxley has autographed the book.

For the story of how this came about, see the next section.

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DW’s collection in the 1920s was so comprehensive that it formed the basis of a published bibliography.

The first two (of four) pages of the Huxley entries in Blackwell’s Catalogue

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DW had a particularly good collection of Aldous Huxley, and the story of how Huxley came to autograph them is told in the next exhibit.

The collection was so extensive that it formed the basis of an early bibliography which was published by Dulau in 1927, with DW’s copy being personally signed by the authors and their subjects.

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Provenance : Private collections