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The King continues to be an admirer ...

Sir Louis Greig pictured with the King
on the cover of a recent biography *

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Sir Louis Greig offers to put a copy of
‘The Man Who Killed The King’
before the King

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... and Buckingham Palace conveys the King's thanks

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The Duke of York, who became King George VI in 1936, was a customer of DW’s when he ran his wine business, read his books and enjoyed his War Papers during World War II.

His enjoyment of his novels continued in the post war years.

In this letter, one of the King’s mentors, Sir Louis Greig - also a friend and mentor of DW’s – promises to arrange for his latest novel to be presented to the King.

The King was already ill, and died in February 1952.


References :  Phil Baker p 484.

Provenance :   Private Collection


*  Louis and the Prince / The Kingmaker by Geordie Greig