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The Dennis Wheatley 'Museum' - The Post War Years

The novelist at work ...

The writer at his desk

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DW writes to apologise to his old friend
Hilda Gardner because a suggested visit
would interrupt his writing

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DW’s published output from his time at Grove Place

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DW at a celebrity booksigning
With actress Honor Blackman

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DW was a disciplined writer. He would begin his day with breakfast in bed and read the papers and his large fan mail. When he got up he would attend to his correspondence – almost every fan would get a personal reply – and then resume work on the current book. He would work until lunch and then take a nap. He would then work from tea-time until dinner and then carry on writing, sometimes until well after midnight.

His year would be divided into two halves; September / October to May he would write his books, and in the summer months he would travel and relax and otherwise enjoy the fruits of his labours.

While his literary output often reached two or three books in the early days, after the War he moved gradually towards writing one book a year, often preceded – especially for the Roger Brook novels - by intensive research.


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Provenance :   Private Collections

Thanks to Jim Devlin for his generosity in supplying the final illustration