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The Dennis Wheatley 'Museum' - The Post War Years


DW on one of his early travels,
at the pyramids in the 1930s (?)
with Joan, Denise Robins and Jack Strachey

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‘Nice work if you can get it ...’
DW’s company ‘instructs him’ to spend
a few weeks in the Adriatic

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A map of DW’s travels as shown
in Iwan Hedman/Morelius’s
‘Fyra Decennier’ *

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DW gifts one of his books to a friend
who has entertained him in Fiji

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The publicity shot of DW on the rear of the dust
jacket of The White Witch of the South Seas (1968)

 Conspiracy theorists have however suggested
that the background looks suspiciously like
DW’s own garden !

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A publicity shot of DW in Japan 
(later reproduced on the back of dust
jacket of Bill For The Use of a Body - 1964)

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DW’s travel notes from his World Tour in 1963

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From an early age DW was a traveller, but it was in the 1960s that his travelling really took off.

In 1963 he went round the world, flying to Ceylon, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Manila, Hong Kong and the U.S.A. – later using Hong Kong as the backdrop for ‘Bill For The Use of a Body’.

In 1965 he was going to have a second round the world trip, but came back after three weeks in Mexico to negotiate an abortive television series featuring Gregory Sallust.

1966 found him travelling in Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Fiji and the South Seas, while 1967 saw him in Morocco, Turkey and Iran.

In 1967/8 he set off on another world trip, taking in Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Noumea, Penang and Delhi.

All of this on the instructions of his company Dennis Wheatley Ltd.

As Phil Baker aptly put it, ‘Nice work if you can get it’.



References :  Phil Baker Chapters 45 to 47.
‘Drink and Ink’ pp 245-250

*   Fyra decennier med Dennis Wheatley by Iwan Hedman/Morelius and Jan Alexandersson
    (1973); the map forms the frontispiece


Provenance :   Private Collections