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June 2005 M.D. Magazine article specially bound by Wheatley and presented to his step-son
Jack Younger
May 2005 Two new additions to the Hutchinson 'Century of' omnibuses.
'A Century of Sea Stories'
and 'The Fireside Omnibus'.
April 2005 Wheatley's own copy of the first edition of 'A Century of Horror'
Signed by a number of the contributors
March 2004 A copy of 'Carnacki the Ghost Finder' from The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult series in an unusual binding.
February 2004 New web site:
A John Wyndham Collection
January 2004 The original ending of 'The Ka of Gifford Hillary'
December 2003 The complete text of 'A Letter to Posterity'
September 2003 1938 reprint of 'The Devil Rides Out' inscribed by Wheatley
August 2003 Letter  from 1968
Refers to the origins of the crime dossiers
August 2003 Cover of Nash's Pall Mall Magazine
Containing Wheatley's first commercially published work 'The Snake' inscribed by the author
July 2003 Hutchinson's 'Century of' Omnibuses
Series of twenty-six volumes , two of which were edited by Wheatley.
July 2003 Ongoing collection of Reprints
Mainly from the 1950s


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