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The goal for these pages is to show a picture of a book cover from every country and in every language that Dennis Wheatley was published in.

However, until that day, here is a sample of the few I have managed to obtain.
If you have pictures and details that I can include, please (link to e-mail)


Countries yet to come

Greece Switzerland Yugoslavia  

Languages yet to come

Armenian Flemish Greek Hindi Maltese Serbian



top SLOVENIA top
Lahkoživa Princesa
The Wanton Princess
front of dustjacket spine and front board
(cover image) (cover image)
Založba Obzorja, Maribor
December 1970


top SPAIN top
El Territorio Prohibido El Misterio de los tres suicidas La Carrera de Roger Brook La Sombra del Patibulo
The Forbidden Territory

Contains the short story'The Snake'
(‘La Serpiente’)

The Launching of Roger Brook The Shadow of Tyburn Tree
(cover image) (cover image) (cover image) (cover image)
Editorial Molino, Barcelona
10 August 1935
(large digest magazine format)
Editorial Molino,
June 1944( large digest magazine format)
Luis de Caralt, Barcelona
September 1956
Luis de Caralt, Barcelona
September 1957
Biblioteca Oro
№ 111-39, Year 11
(A weekly illustrated story publication)

Biblioteca Oro
No. 157
(A weekly illustrated story publication)

Coleccion Gigante Coleccion Gigante

Please note the mis-spelling of the author’s name,
which cannot have pleased Dennis Wheatley!

Presagios de Tormenta NOVELAS ESCOGIDAS Fuerzas Oscuras La Baronesa Negra
«A compilation containing:
La Espada del Desting (The Sword of Fate), El Talisman de Set (The Devil Rides Out), El Valle Fabuloso (The Fabulous Valley) and El Continente Perdido (They Found Atlantis)»
They Used Dark Forces The Black Baroness
Literal translation:
“Dark Forces”

(cover image) (cover image) (cover image) (cover image)
Luis de Caralt, Barcelona
December 1958
To see the underlying boards, Click here
Aguila, Madrid
Editorial Bruguero. S.A., Barcelona
Oct 1967
 Coleccion Gigante      
La Bruja Blanca de los Mares del Sur El Talismán de Set El Oscuro Secreto de Josefina
The White Witch Of The South Seas The Devil Rides Out The Dark Secret Of Josephine
Literal translation:
“The Talisman of Set”
(cover image) (cover image) (cover image)
Luis de Caralt, Barcelona
Sep 1973
Mondadori España, S.A., Madrid
Luis de Caralt, Barcelona
  La Cabeza de Medusa, № 2  
Film Ephemera

c 1936

c 1976

A Spanish film poster for ‘The Secret of Stamboul’

A Spanish film poster for ‘To The Devil A Daughter’


top Thailand top
The Quest of Julian Day

Kanchana, 1986

Film Ephemera

c 1976

A Thai poster for ‘To the Devil a Daughter’


top TURKEY top
Dehşet Perdesi Dehşet Perdesi
Curtain of Fear
(literal translation : The Curtain of Horror)
Curtain of Fear
(literal translation : The Curtain of Horror)
(cover image) (cover image)
Translator : Adnan Erim Translator : Adnan Erim
Published by Yalçin Ofset, Istambul 1967 Published by Yalçin Ofset. undated.
Softcover in 2 volumes, Vol 1 on left, Vol 2 on right Softcover reprint with the 2 original volumes appearing one immediately after the other in a single publication

The following title is not by DW, but is by a self-confessed DW fan, Giovanni Scognamillo. Giovanni is a Turkish author, who includes horror amongst his writings and corresponded with DW in the 1970s. He is currently working on a revised edition of Dehşetın Kapilari (see below) and has recently found a publisher interested in publishing DW in Turkey. His hope is that he will be the translator.
Watch This Space!

(Giovanni Scognamillo)
The Doors Of Terror
by Giovanni Scognamillo
Details and translation generously provided by the author Giovanni Scognamillo.


Dehşetın Kapilari


copy/ picture/ details wanted

 (cover image & link to extract translation) 
(click on cover image for a translation of the Turkish extract)
Mitos Publishing, Istanbul
211pp, illustrated
Kamer Publishing, Istanbul
210pp, illustrated

Please, PLEASE (link to e-mail) me with more pictures and details

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